At bloomRail, our mission is to help e-commerce sellers achieve sustainable, long-term growth with our simple yet powerful analytics software solutions and professional services.
Our Philosophy
  1. Be helpful and do good work
    If you add value and make people's lives easier, you will find success.
  2. Believe
    Given the correct tools and information, everyone has the potential to grow their business into a robust, sustainable operation.
  3. Deliver Results
    Give people the tools and information they require.
What We Do

Our Inventory Forecaster software allows Amazon FBA sellers to perform deep analysis, helping them understand their inventory health, predict future in-stock demand, and avoid aging inventory fees. Users can set the parameters of their analysis based on their unique business needs, and do it all at the click of a button!

We also offer out-of-the-box or custom solution packages for launching and scaling e-commerce channels to support anyone looking to set their business up for healthy, long-term growth.

Inventory Forecaster
Solution Packages