How To Register
Wondering how to sign-up and use our tools?
It's simple.
Go to our Create Account page. Fill out the simple form to create a user profile.
Check your email and use the Verification Code sent to complete registration.
What to do Next
If you are signing up for Services or one of our e-commerce Solution Packages, YOU’RE ALL SET, and a representative will be in touch with you shortly!
If you are signing up for our Inventory Forecaster, go to, log-in to your Seller Account, and follow these easy steps:
To grant bloomRail Amazon User Permissions
Go to Settings -> User Permissions
Under Add a New User section:
Name: bloomrail
Email Address:
This allows us to view your account, help make changes, manage data, and access some UI-based reports. It’s helpful for making sure your account is healthy!
*Click the Manage Permissions button for our account (in the right hand column under Current Users after we’ve been added) to grant the level of permissions you see fit.*
To grant bloomRail Amazon Developer Permissions
Go to Settings -> User Permissions
Click Visit Manage Your Apps button.
Click Authorize new developer.
Developer's name: bloomRail
Developer ID: 420239448789
Send us the MWS Auth Token you receive to

BINGO! We're in!

Next up, gives us a minute (aka 1-3 business days) to get your account set-up and create your dashboard.

We'll let you know when it's all set, and you can log-in and analyze away!

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